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Hello, I'm Jennifer.

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As a visual thinker, you can easily picture your completed book, but the process of writing it can feel impossible to imagine.


My expertise is taking your vision and guiding you through each step. I help capture and organize the ideas in your head and wrestle them onto the page in a logical, ordered way.


Whatever stage you are at with your writing project, I can help you take the next step toward creating a ready-to-publish manuscript.


I have been an editor since 1999. I got my start at a small architectural publisher where I learned how to take a project from outline form to printed book.


In 2003 I started Word Collaborative so I could work exclusively with creative professionals who want to be authors.


I have a bachelor's degree in business, master's degrees in architectural history and historic preservation, and a copyediting certificate from the University of California, San Diego.

I continue to develop my skills through professional training via webinars, conferences, and workshops and, of course, reading ... lots of reading.



Editors have a bad reputation for being overbearing, disrespectful of authors, and unwilling to compromise. The way I see it, you are hiring me. Why would I want to alienate you? I want to work with you, not against you. That’s why I chose the name Word Collaborative.

That’s not to say that at times I won’t push you to reconsider a suggestion or recommendation. But if I do, I will explain why. You can expect me to ask questions such as, What do you mean by this statement? Will readers understand this term? Can you clarify this sentence?


I will treat you and your words with courtesy and respect.

Many people find it difficult to have their work edited. Sharing your words can bring up feelings of self-doubt or even painful flashbacks to seventh-grade English class. Rest assured, I do not judge the caliber of your humanity based on your words. As I see it, you are one of the brave few who dare to take the courageous step to put your ideas on paper.

I will respect your ideas and voice.

I won’t override your words just because I might have constructed them differently. Although that doesn’t mean that I won’t make suggestions on how you can improve your clarity, flow, organization—essentially, the effectiveness of your voice. But I will do so with respect and the understanding that ultimately you have the final say about your words.

I will explain my edits.

I will explain my edits so you can understand why I made them: a grammar rule, a lapse in logic, clarity to a confusing phrase, or an inconsistency with the rest of the manuscript. I’m not trying to train you to be an editor, but giving you the opportunity to grow as a writer. I will also point out areas that are particularly clear, well-crafted, and poignant. Learning involves not just seeing where you can improve but also seeing where you excel.

I will meet your deadlines.

Once we establish a schedule for your project, I will meet your deadlines. Doing so may require you to provide certain materials by a designated time or to answer questions about your intent.

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