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Macros for Editors



Macros are an essential tool for editors looking to enhance their editing process. They not only increase your speed and accuracy when editing in Microsoft Word, but they also make editing more enjoyable and less physically taxing.


How macros improve your editing:

  • Increase your editing output

  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • Keep your focus on the content and flow, not on manual edits

  • Elevate your role as an editorial expert

  • Reduce repetitive strain


I train editors to use Paul Beverley's extensive library of 1,200+ free macros, designed specifically for editorial work.



Mastering macros is simpler than you might think! I offer different training options:

  • webinars

  • online workshops

  • the Word Macros A to Z course through the EFA

  • self-paced training guides


All my training has been created in collaboration with Paul Beverley, ensuring you get expert guidance every step of the way.​

Want to learn macros?

Attend webinar or course to learn the essential skills

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Need Customized Training?

I offer tailored macro training for editorial teams. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.

Jennifer Yankopolus has been editing in the architecture and design field for 25 years. She was the editor of the annual Almanac of Architecture & Design for 10 years and served as the editor of Innovation magazine for 21 years. She is also an instructor in the University of California, San Diego Copyediting Certificate Program. Combining her extensive editing experience with her passion for efficiency, Jennifer has become a leading expert in macro training, helping editors boost their productivity and accuracy through webinars, courses, and the Macro of the Month newsletter.

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