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Editing Support
for Individuals

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Manuscript Critique / Development

Before an editor checks your document for correct grammar and spelling, you want to make sure the ideas make sense and the writing is readable. This level of editing does just that. It analyzes the manuscript as a whole, such as is it organized logically? are the ideas easy to follow? is the content compelling and convincing? does the book feel complete? And it gives you suggestions about how to improve it. (Note: this is not a peer review to assess the accuracy or completeness of your ideas.) 



You will receive: a report (two to four pages) that points out the main problem areas and gives you suggestions for fixing them. 

This service is for you if: you need broad feedback to determine where to focus your efforts and are confident in making the revisions yourself.



You will receive: your manuscript marked up with detailed edits and comments showing you exactly what needs to be fixed and exactly how to fix it. 


This service is for you if: you want to know exactly where your manuscript isn't working and how to improve it. ​​

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